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White Tail Deer Hunting

White tail deer hunting is very popular because it is one of the more common spieces of deer; especially in the US.

Taking time to learn about the whitetail deer and their habitat will make your hunting trip more successful.

First, Whitetail deer are recognized by their long, broad tail which is white on the underside, thus the name whitetail deer.

The White tail deer has short ears and as a whole are relatively small. The females do not have antlers. The bucks have antlers which have all major points extending off the main beam.

In general the males will weight between 60 to 160 lbs and the females will be slightly smaller.

If you plan to do white tail deer hunting then you will find them in the south in hardwood areas. Texas is one of the states where this species is abundant.

In Texas mountainous areas you will find that the mule deer generally inhabits the bases of the mountains and lower foothills, while whitetail deer hunts are generally best in the upper mountainous areas.

In other areas, such as the Guadalupe Mountains, you will find the reverse. Here the white tail deer prefer the foothills. So, get to know your state and your area before you take off on your deer hunt expedition.

You will learn that whitetail deer are very dainty and choosey eaters. If food is abundant then the deer will remain in a very concentrated area and not stray far from what they consider their home range.

Studying your area and the whitetail deer habitat in your area before you take off on any whitetail deer hunts will allow you to be more successful at bringing home the bounty.

For more information I suggess that you get a copy of "Hunting Big Whitetails: Tactics Guaranteed to Make You a More Successful Whitetail Hunter".

Here's wishing you much success on your next whitetail deer hunt!


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