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The best deer hunters are those who have arrived at the point where they can offer deer hunting tips to others.

But before you arrive, then perhaps you could benefit from some tips to improve your deer hunting experience.

Food is a big part of a deer's survival. So, create a food plot. This tip will take some time but will improve your hunting success. Select a plot of land in a deer populated area and then plant foods that will make your plot attractive to deer all year round. Such foods would be clover, alfalfa, winter wheat and corn.

Salt licks and mineral blocks are another attractant for deer and they help promote muscle and bone growth. These blocks help provide iron, zinc, calcium and other minerals that the deer's body needs. Deer will be seaching for these nutrients during the spring, so why not help them out. It is not expensive and will concentrate the deer into an area for later harvest.

If you want to use loose salt, then pour it over the soil and then mix it into the soil. If you choose to use a salt/mineral block then dig a hole and drop the block into the hole and hope for rain. The rain will dissolve the salt into the surrounding soil.

Deer calls can be used to improve your hunting success. One type of deer call is the doe bleat which is a communication call for the whitetail deer. Mothers use short bleats to keep their young close by. Does have a louder and longer bleat when they are close to coming into heat. Sometimes the buck will answer a doe bleat with a soft grunt.

A deer decoy is used to get an incoming deer to focus on the life sized plastic deer rather than you the hunter. A safety tip is to cover your decoy deer in blaze orange when carrying it in and out of the hunting area. Placing various scents on your decoy will also help attract other deer.

Tree stands are great for deer hunting, especially whitetail deer. Be sure to maintain your tree stand in good condition. Always use a safety harness when hunting from an elevated tree stand. If you use a full body harness and happen to fall from your treestand then your body will be facing straight up and you will only fall 8 to 10 inches. This way you will be able to pull yourself back up onto the stand.

Many more deer hunting tips can be found in one of the deer hunting guides located to the right. Check them out.



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