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Deer Hunting Gear is open for debate amoungest deer hunters. Some hunters feel that one can have a successful hunt with just the bare basics of hunting gear. Others feel that high tech gadgets can make a big difference in their success in the hunt.

The truth is that without the right gear for you a hunt can go from enjoyable to disasterous in a matter of minutes.

Too little gear could create a dangerous situation. On the other hand relying too much on high tech gadgets might lead one to a false sense of security. The important thing is not to wait until you are out in the field to discover that you need a piece of gear that you don't have with you.

What are some of the hunting gear items that you might need?

  • Firearms and ammunitions
  • Scent Blockers
  • Camouflaged Clothing
  • First Air Items
  • Ground Navigation
  • Hand Warmers
  • Heavy boots
  • Insulated Socks
  • Knives
  • Binoculars
  • Calls

Clothing for your hunt will depend on the time of year and geographic location. For instance, if you are planning a hunt in higher altitudes plan your clothing so you can keep a consistent body temperature.

For warm or humid climates your clothing, as well as your gear, needs to be able to breathe and withstand moisture.

Hunting gear should be viewed as something to assist and complement the hunt. Ideally, it will make the hunt easier. Coaxing a prey into the hunter's line of sight can be aided by the use of calls.

One item of gear that is often overlooked is trash bags. You will find a multitude of uses for a trash bag during your hunt.

Don't overlook the need for certain pieces of gear just to lighten your backpack load. Give a lot of thought to what will really be needed during the course of the hunt and be sure you pack those items. Most hunters learn what their basic needs really are from experience.

While the debate will probably never end concerning the use of basic versus technologically advanced gear, you will probably find that what works best for you is a combination.


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