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Cabela Big Game Hunter


Cabela's Big Game Hunter presents a challenge to players so that they can hone their skill set as a hunter, tracker and outdoorsman.

Players are pitted against big and small game from around the world. As a player you will be armed with your wits and a diverse weapons arsenal while you take on a series of hunting challenges and mini-games.

You will feel yourself step into the camouflaged shoes of Jack Wilde, who is a skilled hunter and outdoorsman. The mysterious "Orion Order" has recognized Jack and are giving him a chance to join this exclusive hunting club if he can prove himself worthy.

An in-game sponsor contacts the player and offers tips and helps guide them in the right direction as the hunt makes it around the globe.

Players have to excel in skills such as animal tracking, stalking from cover and making clean, efficient kills, as well as safe navigation across some dangerous wilderness terrain.

The player can quickly change their weapon from a variety of rifles, pistols, bows and more at just the push of a button.

All successful graded skills gain the player points and medals.

The Wii version of this game also comes with 13 arcade style shooting galleries which supports 4-person multiplayer which means that you do not have to hunt alone.

During the Big Game challenge you will escape avalanches, climb sheer cliff faces and cross raging streams. The game simulates controlled breathing and you will be able to dial in your crosshairs and lock in on the perfect shot.

There are many more features to the Big Game Hunter that will test your hunting and survival skills as you face treacherous environments and face dangerous game.

If you can't be out deer hunting in the woods then do the next best thing by playing Big Game Hunter indoors. In addition, this game is good for hunters of all ages. It also makes a good gift to anyone you know that is interested in hunting.

You will have so many places and things to hunt, so good luck in your Big Game Hunter play.  

cabela's big game hunter

Cabellas Big Game Hunter

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cabela s big game hunter

Big Game Hunter 2010

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