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If you are a deer hunter looking for a challenge, then you will like bow hunting deer. Before guns, deer hunters used a bow to take their quarry.

Today technology has made many advances in bows and arrows giving more accuracy than ever before. Modern materials have helped to make the bow hunting experience more rewarding.

Being able to use one's skills effectively is very satisfying for the seasoned bow hunter as well as the beginner.

Buying equipment for bow hunting requires one to make certain selections. For instance, equipement is sold for left or right handed users. Hunters generally pick out their equipment based on which eye is dominant for them.

Generally left handed people tend to be left eye dominant and the same holds true for right handed people.

When someone is right handed but left eye dominant, the choice is for the hunter to shoot with the left hand using left handed equipment or to use the left eye and right handed equipment.

The ability to pull the string back is referred to as the draw weight of a bow and is measured in pounds. The draw weight should be lower for a smaller person. Females and males will usually use a different draw weight as well.

Beginners usually start out with releasing the bow with their fingers and later will move up to the use of a release aid.

If you become serious about bow hunting deer you would want to consider some other accessories such as stabilizers and sights.

Don't spend a lot of money on arrows when you are first learning to use your bow. There are some good carbon or aluminum arrows available to practice with that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Bow hunting equipment can be found "used" in very good condition and give you and opportunity to save some money but still have good quality equipment. If you are just beginning with bow hunting deer buying used equipment might be a good route to take until you decide if archery deer hunting is a sport that you really love.


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