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In many families Deer hunting is a family tradition and they have a real respect for the sport. It is a well loved hobby in many areas of the country, but especially so in the state of Texas.

Deer hunting is strongly regulated in order to preserve the deer population and to assure hunters safety. Regulations are set up to assure that no hunter wastes the product. Deer hides and meat are to be used from each carcass; not just shot purely for the sport.

One of the safety regulations is in regards to daylight. For instance, in Texas you may not discharge a firearm any time between 30 minutes after dusk to 30 minutes before dawn. The intent here is that a hunter will be able to see the orange reflective gear of other hunters in the area.

The most common type of deer found in the southern region of the US is the whitetail deer. The whitetail gets it name from the white color on the underside of its tail that can be seen when the tail is erect. The whitetail is also generally a much smaller deer than other deer species.

The next most popular deer for hunting is the mule deer. It is a larger species and is less regulated by hunting restrictions and laws.

No matter the species, regulations require that you respect the prey and give them certain spaces. There are usually some public areas, like state parks and wildlife reserves, where it is illegal to hunt. In these refuges the wildlife, such as deer, is allowed to roam free where they can reproduce and keep the population in balance.

Deer Hunting is a sport loved by many, and like any other sport, it has its many tools and regulations that are special to the sport.



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